1 Dec 2009

To Clarify

The only controls on the Gristleism unit are the ones listed, namely:
Volume Control, a Pitch Control and a Loop-Selector switch.
Gristleism does not feature an audio output socket or a DC power input socket.
The reasons for this specific combination of controls are primarily to do with demand, aesthetics and fabrication costs.
However, now Gristleism is available this page includes instructions on how to modify a Gristleism unit to include an audio output jack and (in the future) possibly how to add an external DC input socket.

In 2010 this section will also allow Gristleism users to share their own mods and circuit-bending ideas with the wider Gristleism community.

Chris Carter
on behalf of Throbbing Gristle & Industrial Records Ltd.
Dec 2009

Gristleism badge & card

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