15 Jul 2010

TG's Customised ASMO Gristleisms

Our friend Stu (aka A.S.M.O.) has recently built each of TG a customised and modified Gristleism.
We'll be using them live at an upcoming Throbbing Gristle performance in October (details TBC).

Custom TG Gristleisms

For further details and more images of these custom units visit A.S.M.O.'s Filkr pages: www.flickr.com

17 Mar 2010

Matt The Modulator's Circuit Bent Gristleism

Matt The Modulator's Circuit Bent Gristleism:
• Extended the pitch range from slightly higher to a lot LOT Lower.
• Optical eye (LDR) to control the pitch with light (with on off switch).
• 12db-per octave filter with Cut-off and resonance pots (which can oscillate at high settings).
• Low-Pass or Band-Pass filter select switch.


More of Matt's modifications can be seen on his website:

21 Jan 2010

ASMO LFO Mod - Update

Full constructional details of the ASMO LFO MOD are now available.

DOWNLOAD THE PDF HERE (31MB) link updated July 15th


For some background info on how this modification came about follow this link to
Stu Smith's ASMO web site.

Gristleism LFO Mod

2 Jan 2010